Monday, December 05, 2005

Inside Muskegon #3 - Dan Rinsema-Sybenga, Muskegon Main Street

This episode of Inside Muskegon features an interview with Dan Rinsema-Sybenga, Muskegon Main Street Manager, a commentary on the interview, listener feedback and information on contacting Inside Muskegon.

Listen to Inside Muskegon #3

Inside Muskegon #3
0:00-1:03 Introduction
1:04-16:26 Dan Rinsema-Sybenga Interview
16:27-24:06 Commentary
24:07-25:43 Listener Feedback
25:44-26:21 Close

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At 7:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

After listening to the podcast, I wanted to share an idea. Because we are a cold winter state, like New York and Chicago, it makes sense to look at what is working for them. If you visit either of those cities in the winter, both of them have an out door ice-skating rink with shopping all around them. It's a destination to go to for fun, shopping, and to enjoy skating or just watching. I'd go downtown to skate and shop! Think out-side of the box!

At 7:11 PM, Anonymous Jeremy said...

I agree with Anonymous that creating ancillary activities is important for the continued success of downtown. But I think that first we need to concentrate on creating solid economic anchors to bring people downtown not just once or twice a month, but on a continuing basis. These are the basics that any urban planning committee will recite repeatedly: mixed retail, urban residence, design / creative / tech jobs. Create an environment conducive to the target demographic that's likely to live and work downtown.

I think that looking to New York and Chicago is a great idea-- but perhaps at this early stage, we might look to our closer big-brothers. See what Grand Rapids, Grand Haven are doing. Let's build a solid base for continued growth long into the future.


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